Tools for you to use from the National PTA!

tool kitYour 2016-2017 Back-To-School Kit Is Officially Live!
It’s that time of year again! The 2016-2017 National PTA Official Back-To-School Kit is finally here! As always, it’s jam-packed with tools, resources and info—all specially designed to help you run your PTA. It’s a one-stop click for everything you need to know.
For the second year, the kit is completely digital and mobile-friendly. This means you can view the website from your phone, tablet or other mobile devices. Having the Back-To-School Kit with you while you’re on the go is a big perk. We guarantee it will help you be more efficient and productive as a PTA leader.

Registration is a very simple process. Starting today, June 27, here is the process to get access to the kit:

  1. Go to President Laura Bay’s welcome video and the homepage are open to everyone.
  2. Once you begin to use the site, you’ll be prompted to register. There is also a “REGISTRATION” tab on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Fill out all of the required information.
  4. Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll receive an email with a link. Click the link to set a username and password.
  5. After your username and password are set, you can access all areas of the Back-to-School Kit. 
Questions? For a Back-to-School Kit FAQ, log onto or contact us at
If you have any viewing issues on, please clear your browser’s history and cache.
National PTA Headquarters
1250 N. Pitt Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: (703) 518-1200
Toll Free: (800) 307-4PTA
Fax: (703) 836-0942

One thought on “Tools for you to use from the National PTA!

  1. Tom Reschke says:

    I do not understand why students are taken away from their classroom educational time to spend time running around in circles in their gymnasiums in a fund run to earn money for the PTSA. Such activities should be done after school hours. For the last two years my child’s 5th and 6th grade teachers explained that there was not enough classroom time to provide our students with an elementary education required by the state of Michigan. This is why the middle school teachers have to spend weeks of their classroom time teaching students what they should have already been taught in elementary school. With all the other non-educational time these elementary school teachers spend taking their students to the roller rinks, bowling alleys, movie theaters, field days, and of course recreational pool leisure time to recover from the tiring field day, the last thing these children need is for the PTSA to inhibit their education. Please consider putting our youth’s education first, and hold all PTSA functions after school hours. It’s a shame that our principals would allow such activities, and a shame that our tax dollars are being spent paying these principals and teachers for not performing their job duties, which I suspect should be educating our youth.

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