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The PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in its annual arts Reflections Program. The program offers students in preschool through grade 12 the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. It celebrates the many skills of our students and encourages them to pursue artistic expression in a number of different ways including Film/Video Production, Dance Choreography, Musical Composition, Photography, Visual Arts and Literature.



Each year, students create projects that are inspired by a common theme. The theme for 2018-19 is “Heroes Around Me.” Students must use the theme as inspiration and include an explanation in their artist statement that shows how the project relates to the theme.


Start by reading the 2018-19 Reflections rules flyer.  This document incorporates the national rules, as well as the Michigan-specific and the Livonia-specific rules.

Then, download the student packet.  This document includes the official rules from the National PTA and an entry form.  (Please read the next section, titled “School-Specific Student Packets” before you download.)  If your project includes a person’s voice or image, then also download the consent form.

Then, go make some art!

Make sure you follow all of the rules when you create your projects.  And turn your projects in to your school’s Reflections chairperson no later than November 14th.


There is a section on the entry form that your chairperson needs to fill in with information about your PTA unit.  As we get copies of those student packets with the pre-filled top portion, we’ll post them here.  Please use this version, instead of a blank one, if we have it for your school.

Churchill Student Packet
Cleveland Student Packet
Cooper Student Packet
Emerson Student Packet
Frost Student Packet
Hayes Student Packet
Holmes Student Packet
Stevenson Student Packet


The following people have volunteered to lead the Reflections program at their school.  If you would like information about how to participate at your school, please contact your Reflections chair.  If there is not one listed, then please contact the council Reflections chair at

Jackson Center –
Buchanan Elementary – Valerie Jackson & Cathy Miner | &

Cleveland Elementary – Courtney Renas |
Coolidge Elementary – Kellie Stark |
Grant Elementary – Kelli Miller |
Hayes Elementary – Vanessa Mohler |
Hoover Elementary – Christina Testa |
Kennedy Elementary – No chairperson this year
Niji-Iro Elementary –
Randolph Elementary –
Roosevelt Elementary –  Jennifer Weiser & Cassie Walczyk |
Rosedale Elementary – Kathy Spencer-Reister |
Webster Elementary – Monique Cadoret |

Cooper Upper Elementary – Debbie Yates |
Johnson Upper Elementary –
Riley Upper Elementary – Cathy Miner |
Emerson Middle – Kellie Dummer |
Frost Middle – Claudine Wooley |
Holmes Middle – Angela Rutterbush |
Churchill High – Julie Hill |
Franklin High – Tina Kleczka |
Stevenson High – Karen Bradford |


This web page will continue to be our official location for documentation you need to participate.  But we have a Facebook page, which we’ll use to post reminders.  Please follow us!

2018 Livonia PTSA Council Reflections Awards

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