Committee Chairs: Nicole Dant & Patty O’Brien-Novak

In 2016, the Livonia PTSA Council started a Summer STEM Camp for middle school students who wanted opportunities to learn more about topics in these disciplines and gain hands-on experience.

For 2017 we hosted a “Mission to Mars” theme using “The Martian” by Andy Weir as our inspiration. Our participants blasted off to Mars (physics, mathematics, and astronomy), learned how to evaluate their environment (atmosphere, weather, geology), determined how they could grow food (plant life, chemistry), build shelter (engineering), and build a Mars rover for transportation (Electronics, engineering, robotics). Each week focused on one of these themes and integrated the indicated STEM concepts into the learning modules and activities. We also had guest speakers and off-site tours and presentations from individuals and businesses in the community.

Through the generous donation of Livonia area businesses and the Livonia PTSA Council, this program is free. Therefore, we limit the number of participants in the program to 25 students.

2016 STEM Camp was a success!


Our inaugural camp kicked off on July 11. The camp, which ran from July 11- August 5th was held at the Livonia Career and Technical Center. Applications were open to LPS students in grades 6-8 for the 2015-2016 school year.

We had 23 participants and 9 adult volunteers with backgrounds in engineering, chemical engineering, genetic counseling, Oracle programming, as well as district teachers.  Livonia Warriors Robotics team members assisted as mentors.

Camp schedule:

Week 1 Theme: May the Mass Times Acceleration Be with You – Physics and Engineering

Week 2 Theme: Forensic Files – Chemistry/Genetics

Week 3 Theme: 2b|!2b – Computer Science/Robots

Week 4 Theme: Circle of Life – Life Sciences

Thank you to our generous Camp sponsors:


Innovative Manufacturing Engineering


Lis, McCallion, Raymore & Co., P.C0.


NYX, Inc.


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