Executive Board

Serving on the Executive Board requires good communication and organizational skills, a willingness to coordinate the business and activities of the association, cooperation with all members, the ability to offer leadership services when called upon, and the desire to make the schools a welcoming place where all students may enjoy the benefits of PTA/PTSA.

In accordance with the bylaws, all committees shall present a plan of work to the Executive Board for approval. No committee work shall be undertaken without the consent of the Executive Board. Committees shall also submit a detailed report to the President at the conclusion of the Committee’s work.


Meeting Agendas


1st Vice President:

2nd Vice President: Debbie Pline acting president for the remainder of 2017-2018

Recording Secretary: Robb Drzewicki

Treasurer: Kellie Dummer

Corresponding Secretary: Amanda Walworth

Find your 2017-2018 Livonia PTSA Council Liaison here:

(Liaisons will be selected at the 2018 Audit Party – make sure your Unit sends someone!)

Buchanan  |Robb Drzewicki | robb.drzewicki@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Churchill  |

Cleveland  |

Coolidge  |Lynda Scheel | lynda.scheel@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Cooper  |

Emerson  |Liz Jarvis | liz.jarvis@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Franklin  |Kellie Dummer | kellie.dummer@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Frost  |Kellie Dummer | kellie.dummer@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Grant  |Amanda Walworth | amanda.walworth@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Hayes  |

Holmes  |

Hoover  |Debbie Pline | debbie.pline@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Jackson Ctr  |Robb Drzewicki | robb.drzewicki@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Johnson  |Donna Blauet | donna.blauet@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Kennedy  |Debbie Pline |debbie.pline@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Niji-Iro  |Cyndi Pierzynski | cyndi.pierzynski@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Randolph  |Liz Jarvis | liz.jarvis@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Riley  |Cyndi Pierzynski |cyndi.pierzynski@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Roosevelt  |

Rosedale  |Amanda Walworth | amanda.walworth@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Stevenson  |Joy Ellis | joy.ellis@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Webster  |Joy Ellis | joy.ellis@livoniaptsacouncil.org

2016-2017 Livonia PTSA Council Executive Board

2015-2016 Livonia PTSA Council Executive Board


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