Committee Chair: Joy Ellis

The Livonia PTSA Council membership is comprised of representatives of all the PTA/PTSA units in the Livonia Public Schools District. Each Unit is required to pay dues to Council , Michigan PTA, and National PTA to be in good standing. To become a member of Council you must first be a member of a local unit.  Dues are split the following way:

Livonia PTSA Council: $0.50/member

Michigan PTA: $3.25/member

National PTA: $2.25/member

TOTAL PTA DUES: $6.00 minimum

Anything over the $6.00 minimum is kept by your PTA Unit to help fund their programs and events.  Each Unit sets their own dues, which must be at least $6.00 per member.

Membership remittance forms can be found below and are due on the 28th day of each month. If you have any questions regarding membership or need a hard copy of a remittance form, please contact Joy Ellis.

To submit your membership to the Michigan PTA online, click here

Use the Excel form at the bottom of the page to submit your Membership Roster to the MI PTA – you must submit your form electronically in order to have your membership cards emailed by the Michigan PTA!

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