Committee Chair: Nicole Dant

The Livonia PTSA Council membership is comprised of representatives of all the PTA/PTSA units in the Livonia Public Schools District. Each Unit is required to pay dues to Council , Michigan PTA, and National PTA to be in good standing. To become a member of Council you must first be a member of a local unit.  Dues are split the following way:

Livonia PTSA Council: $100.00 annually (Niji-Iro and Jackson Center, please remit $75)

Michigan PTA: $5.50/member (of which $3.25 is for Michigan PTA dues and $2.25 is for National PTA dues)

Membership remittance forms are due on the 28th day of each month. If you have any questions regarding membership or need a hard copy of a remittance form, please contact Nicole Dant.

Membership dues MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA MemberHub to the Michigan PTA online.  Payment can be remitted either electronically or you can mail a check to the Michigan PTA office in Livonia.

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