Youth Making a Difference

Committee Chairs: Debbie Pline & Nikki Watson

Youth Making a Difference is a program that encourages and recognizes volunteer efforts by K-12 students. Some students visit senior citizens, help collect money for the Livonia Goodfellows, or rake leaves at their schools. Other activities include school or community projects. Livonia PTSA Council recognizes the efforts of these students at the annual Youth Making a Difference celebration.

For more information about Youth Making A Difference in your school or unit contact Committee Chairs Debbie Pline and Nikki Watson.

We will share 2021-22 YMAD celebration plans as soon as we can.


YMAD Letter to Units 2021-2022
YMAD General Outline for Students 2021-2022
YMAD Commitment Form 2021-2022
YMAD Chairperson Responsibilities 2021-2022
YMAD Ideas (Updated in 2020 with COVID-safe ideas)

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