Our Work

Livonia PTSA Council does a tremendous amount of work throughout the year. These programs provide a number of opportunities to our local units and children. Email the individuals below to learn more, ask questions, or get support.

Advocacy & Legislation | Rebecca Lenk – advocacy@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Awards | OPEN – awards@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Bylaws, Policies & Procedures | Donna Blauet – bylaws@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Clothing Depot | Lynda Scheel – Clothingdepot@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Council Directory | OPEN – directory@livoniaptsacouncil.org

ELVs | Amanda Walworth – elvs@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Founders Day |Amanda Walworth – foundersday@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Male Engagement | Robb Drzewicki – maleengagement@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Masterworks | Liz Jarvis & Karen Werden – masterworks@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Membership | Amanda Gerstenbrand – membership@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Newsletter | Kellie Dummer – newsletter@livoniaptsacouncil.org

PTA/PTSA Excellence Program (PEP) | Melissa Kachaturoff – PEP@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Public Relations | Kellie Dummer – pr@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Reflections | Debbie Yates – reflections@livoniaptsacouncil.org

STEM | OPEN – STEM@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Student Involvement | OPEN – Studentinvolvement@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Student Representatives | See Exec Board

Unit Liaisons | See Exec Board

Website | Debbie Yates – webmaster@livoniaptsacouncil.org

Youth Making a Difference | Karen Werden – ymad@livoniaptsacouncil.org

For open positions, please see our list of exec board positions.

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