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Council Board of Education Candidate Forum

On Thursday, September 29, the Livonia PTSA Council hosted a Candidate Forum for the LPS Board of Education. It was held at City Hall and recorded by LivoniaTV. All 7 Candidates on the November Ballot participated. Students from all 3 triads were involved – 4th Graders from Hoover kicked-off the event leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Junior & Seniors from Franklin & Churchill helped with Moderator duties. For the benefit of the Candidates and those watching live in the Auditorium, the questions and a countdown clock were displayed on TV Screens. Nathan Rockwell of LivoniaTV was able to add graphics that we made for the questions and names to the video recording. We received 66 questions from the community and were able to touch on ~20 of question during the forum. From the questions submitted, we created a word cloud to highlight the keywords / themes. Thank you to those who participated and supported this Forum.

The video of the Forum is available on our YouTube Channel: