It’s Chili Cook Off time!

In a continuing effort to get more dads involved in PTA, the Livonia PTSA Council has partnered with the Livonia Kiwanis to once again host a PTA Dads Chili Cook Off! As a proud dad, involved in the PTA’s of Hoover, Jackson Center, and as a member of the PTSA Council Executive Board, I know how important it is to be engaged at my son’s school. Along with my committee members, I have worked tirelessly to bring a great opportunity for your schools to win $500. Spend a few hours connecting with the other dads and showing off your culinary skills to the community with the side benefit of supporting your school’s art program and having fun along the way.
The 2nd Annual PTA Dads Chili Cook Off will be held on Saturday, January 16th from 11:00am – 2:00pm, at Franklin High School. All entrants into the contest must be:
1. Current PTA members (they can literally join at the time of registration if they aren’t already)
2. Male (Dads, grandpas, uncles, involved neighbors, and students are welcome)
I’ve attached an official application in the hopes that you know some Dads (or grandpas, uncles, etc.) that might want to join in the fun. Most importantly, the winning Dad gets a prize package that includes a $500 Art Program Grant to the school he is representing. I’m probably not going out on a limb when I say that your art program could use $500.
The best part… there’s no limit to the number of entrants per school. Any male PTA member with $10 can compete.
We’re hoping this will be yet another tool from Council to help build membership, diversify your PTA, and get together with other PTA members and officers. Last year we had 31 chili entrants and over 100 visitors. We would love to double that number all around. So let’s all pull together and make this a strong showing for the entire district.
Thank you all,
Robb Drzewicki, Kellie Dummer, Cheryl Shakelford
Livonia PTSA Council Chili Cook-Off Committee

Chili Cook Off-2016