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Ready to Level UP?


Ready to Level Up?

You have spent countless hours, helping at the schools and volunteering with PTA. But you want something more. Are you ready to level up?

We invite you to join us at the Council level. Council is PTA on a district level—not in the trenches. Livonia PTSA Council leads, trains and guides the local units. Council also coordinates district-wide programs, like Masterworks, Reflections, Youth Making a Difference, and more.

Livonia PTSA Council consists of an executive board, and committee members. You’d start as a committee member, working on something you enjoy. For example, do you like Masterworks? Would you like to help make it happen in all Livonia Elementary schools? This is your chance. Notice, we didn’t say you would DO Masterworks in all the schools; only that you would help them to do it. That’s the important thing about Council-level work. We help make things happen all across the district!

Currently, Livonia PTSA Council would like more committee members. We want to grow so we can reach out more and do more, and help PTA units across Livonia. We are all familiar with “burning out” and recognize that bringing on new teammates is fundamental. There are several areas to participate in, and you could do more than one, if you’d like. Or, you could help us with new programs, not currently on the list.

Youth Making a Difference
Green Schools
Founders Day
Clothing Depot
Legislative / Advocacy
Health and Safety
…and more

If you would like more information, please contact Liz Jarvis or Julie Thompson. We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people. Maybe you or someone else in your unit would be a good addition to Council—that would be great! If you’d like to “level up,” we would be glad to have you!