Welcome to the Livonia PTSA Council’s website. Here you will find information about the Livonia PTSA Council and individual PTA/PTSA units within the Livonia Public Schools District. Other information you will find here includes meeting schedules, events, committees, and more.

Did you know that by joining your local PTA or PTSA unit you automatically become a member of the largest PTSA council in Michigan?

Each unit membership you purchase includes the $0.50 Livonia PTSA Council dues. For only $0.50 per member, Livonia PTSA Council provides a wide range of programs and support activities including:

  • Leadership Training
  • Reflections Program (including ceremonies and awards)
  • Masterworks
  • Early Literacy Volunteers (ELVs)
  • Youth Making a Difference
  • Informational Website
  • District-wide Newsletter (The Council Courier)
  • Legislative and Advocacy Programs
  • Male Engagement events
  • Membership Assistance & Benefits
  • LPS Competitive Edge
  • Galileo Project (Teacher Training)
  • Council Directory
  • Hospitality at General Membership Meetings
  • Parenting Magazines
  • Founders Day Celebration

If you aren’t yet a member of a local PTA/PTSA unit, join your local unit and begin participating as a member of Livonia PTSA Council.

Looking for News?

Visit our News page for recent updates. And if you belong to a member unit, feel free to send us your news and we can share it there as well.

Need Help?

Visit our Executive Board page for a list of Council board members who can assist you or your unit with your PTA question or issue. Email addresses and phone numbers are provided for your convenience.

Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with programs, events and communications. Whether you’re interested in joining the executive board, leading a committee or just helping out with a specific task, we welcome your involvement. Email Joanne Hayes joanne.hayes@livoniaptsacouncil.org to get started.

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