Welcome to the Livonia PTSA Council’s website. Here you will find information about the Livonia PTSA Council and individual PTA/PTSA units within the Livonia Public Schools District. Other information you will find here includes meeting schedules, events, committees, and more.

Need Help?

Visit our Executive Board page for a list of Council board members who can assist you or your unit with your PTA question or issue. Email addresses and phone numbers are provided for your convenience.

Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with programs, events and communications. Whether you’re interested in joining the executive board, leading a committee or just helping out with a specific task, we welcome your involvement. Email president@livoniaptsacouncil.org to get started.

PTSA Council Updates

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great year, in spite of its challenges.  We hope our PTA families all have a terrific and relaxing summer.  Here are some updates from council regarding our plans for future events and services offered:

6/17/20 – PTSA Council Executive Board Meeting – Location TBD

7/15/20 – PTSA Council Audit Party – 6 – 8 PM still being held – Location TBD

ELVs – We WILL be offering the ELVs program this summer.  For details, see the flyers on the ELVs page.

Art of Problem Solving (APS) – We will also be offering a new math-based program similar to the ELVs program this summer.  For details, see the flyers on the APS page.

MI PTA Convention – The Michigan PTA Convention has been cancelled.

Clothing Depot, housed at Franklin – Since all school buildings are closed the clothing depot is closed.  They will not be accepting donations or able to let families in to “shop”. We will update the FB page with summer hours if any.

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